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We invite you to enjoy life more fully and enjoyably with our experiences from Ayuthaya – The Royal Thai Spa. You can look forward to receiving the best treatments from our highly skilled Thai style therapists.

Royal Thai Massage

An art with ancient traditions, this method of massage was formerly administered only in the Royal Temple Grounds by Masters versed in healing. The sense of well-being, energy and flexibility that can be brought back into your body is extraordinary.

Thai Herbal Heat Compress

Called 'prakop' in Thai, the Herbal Heat Compress has been used by Thais since the Ayuthaya period, over 200 years ago, making it an ancient holistic treatment, which helps promote the unity of body, mind and spirit. Allow the heated herbs to penetrate your muscles and simply feel the stress and tension ease away beneath the healing kneading of a firm, but never painful massage.

Four Hands Golden Massage

An Award Winning massage preformed by two therapists using highly synchronized massage technique requires well-honed skills – it is the ultimate luxurious, indulgent massage for our guests.