Our Services

Thai Herbal Body Polish

Thai Herbs & Plants are blended to create an exfoliating powder for your Body Scrub. This treatment will Restore the Lustre to dehydrated skin, invigorate dulled senses and make your skin will feel smooth as silk.

Royal Thai Massage

‘Nhuad Thai Paan Boran’ — An art rooted in ancient traditions, it used to only be performed in the Royal Temple Grounds by Masters versed in healing.

Our Royal Thai Massage focuses on your pressure points and the stretching and bending of your muscles and ligaments. Stretching your spine releases tension allows your energies to flow freely and naturally.

Thai Herbal Heat Compress

‘Prakop’ is a Herbal Heat Compress Treatment since the Thai Ayuthaya period over 200 years ago. This ancient holistic treatment helps you promote the unity of body, mind and spirit.

It will relax your aching muscles and help open your pores for better absorption of the herbal ingredients which relaxes your muscles and draw out the impurities from your body.