Massage has many benefits: it helps to maintain flexibility, improve circulation and re-energise the body and mind connection. Most importantly, it can help promote significant relief from stress.

Depending on your preference, the massage pressure can be Gentle, Moderate or Deep.

Body Wellness

Body Wellness

Body Wellness treatments are designed for both body and mind. Tension and stress seemed to disappear under these treatments as the mind and spirit can also feel calmer and more relaxed. These treatments are best combined with a massage treatment to give a Holistic Approach.

Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Our Spa packages are a combination of treatments that have been specially designed with you in mind. The combination of treatments helps ensure you receive a comprehensive treatment and they represent excellent value for money.

So go on, indulge yourself with what you deserve and treat your body to what it needs.

Ladies Packages

Ladies Packages

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa Special Package! (NEW)

Bring your friends for gathering or to celebrate special occasion, and we will arrange for you a wonderful private event!

Come and pamper yourself – enjoy our service and hospitality!


  • 60 Min. Royal Thai or Aroma Massage
  • 30 Min. Body Wellness Treatment
  • Usage of Spa for your Private Session with Champagne and Entrées/Snacks.

Basic package price starts at S$349 nett (price may very upon inclusions)

We can cater to your customised preferences to create an event just for you (price upon request)

Please contact us to book an event session: (+65) 6223 9180, (+65) 6736 0998